FY 16-17: Agency Priority Goal

Increase savings through acquisition solutions

Priority Goal

Increase savings through acquisition solutions

By September 30, 2017; GSA's Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) will save $10.4B ($5.2B during FY 2016 and $5.2B during FY 2017) through its programs that provide goods and services to the Federal Government. 

Whether it’s buying office supplies, electric vehicles, or complex information technology solutions, FAS gets them at a discounted price and delivers the savings back to our customer agencies. FAS  has developed defined methodologies for quantifying savings for the myriad of products and services offered to customer agencies.  The methodologies can generally be grouped into the following categories:

• Savings realized by utilizing FAS procurement vehicles compared to what is available commercially

• Savings realized by using FAS offerings compared to other government offerings

• Savings returned to customers via bank refunds given for using FAS purchase, travel, and fleet cards

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