About This Site

Performance.gov is a window to Federal agency’s efforts to deliver a more effective, smarter, and leaner government. The site gives the public, agencies, members of Congress, and the media a view of progress underway in cutting waste, streamlining government, and improving performance.

Performance.gov communicates what the Federal Government is working to accomplish, how it seeks to accomplish its objectives, and why these efforts are important.

All cabinet departments and nine other major agencies have agency pages on Performance.gov. Each agency’s page describes the agency’s mission and lists the agency's strategic goals, objectives, and Priority Goals. Each agency’s home page also provides links to the agency’s strategic plan, annual performance plan, and annual performance report; reports agency progress on government-wide management initiatives; and shows agency contributions to Cross-Agency Performance (CAP) goals.

We invite you to look through Performance.gov to learn more about how the government is working to get the most from taxpayer dollars and to deliver the best service possible to the American people. We welcome your suggestions for improvement here.