Agency Snapshot: Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is responsible for a timeless mission: “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” – by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans. VA fulfills these words by providing world-class benefits and services to the millions of men and women who have served this country with honor in the military.


Department of Veterans Affairs Freeze the Footprint Baseline

In FY 2015, the Department of Veterans Affairs’s total office and warehouse square footage was 0 square feet - an actual decrease of 28,868,209 since FY 2013.

Agency FY 2012 SF Baseline FY 2013 Total SF FY 2014 Total SF FY 2015 Total SF SF Change FY2012 Baseline to FY2015
VA 28,868,209 29,527,079 29,586,308 0 -28,868,209

Department of Veterans Affairs Freeze the Footprint Projects

Project Project Type Description Location: City, State Start Date Projected Start Date Actual Completion Date Projected Completion Date Actual Space Reduction Planned (SF) Space Reduction Actual (SF)
VA Central Office (VACO) Consolidation Lease Consolidation

Through increased telework and improved space standards, VA plans to consolidate three large leases in the Washington, DC area into three leases. This consolidation is being done in phases, utilizing swing space to shift groups/FTE while renovation is completed to improve the density of personnel located at the three primary sites. The end result is the reduction in VA's Washington, DC area footprint of over 85,000 rentable square feet (RSF), as well as rental and operating savings over time by vacanting the one leased building.

Washington, DC 10/01/12 10/01/12 11/01/13 11/01/13 74,901 74,901
OIT Space Reduction Lease Consolidation/ Space Redesign

By implementing tightened space standards, OIT is aggressively consolidating its operations across VA and reducing space use. Between FY13 - FY15, OIT will consolidate its operations at multiple locations, including Birmingham, AL; Silver Spring, MD; Salt Lake City, UT; Oakland, CA; Vancouver, WA; Bay Pines, FL; Hines, IL; and Martinsburg, WV. While some space will be repurposed for use by other VA organizations, the leased space will be significantly reduced at Oakland, CA and Vancouver, WA, reducing VA's overall footprint.

Birmingham, AL; Silver Spring, MD; Oakland, CA; and Vancouver, WA 11/01/13 11/01/13 12/01/14 Pending 39,268 Pending
Gainesville, Florida Warehouse Consolidation Lease Consolidation

VHA is reducing leased warehouse space in Gainesville, Florida, by terminating two current leases (6,000 USF and 3,814 SF respectively for a total of 9,814 USF), and replacing them with a new lease of 7,400 USF. This results in a footprint reduction of approximately 2,400 USF. In addition to the footprint reduction, the colocation of the two warehouse reduces inefficiencies in operating two warehouses in two distinct geographic locations.

Gainesville, FL 09/01/14 03/01/15 Pending 2,414 Pending