Agency Snapshot: Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the central human resources agency for the Federal Government. The agency’s administrative budgetary resources ensures the Federal government has an effective and efficient civilian workforce by providing products and services such as personnel investigations, leadership development and training, examining, staffing, recruiting, organizational assessments, and training and management assistance. OPM also administers the retirement, health and life insurance programs for Federal employees and retirees. Like other agencies, it is committed to pursuing this important mission while managing its finances effectively, using only property it needs, and accounting for its finances properly.


Office of Personnel Management Freeze the Footprint Baseline

In FY 2015, the Office of Personnel Management’s total office and warehouse square footage was 0 square feet - an actual decrease of 1,329,181 since FY 2013.

Agency FY 2012 SF Baseline FY 2013 Total SF FY 2014 Total SF FY 2015 Total SF SF Change FY2012 Baseline to FY2015
OPM 1,329,181 1,319,049 1,298,859 0 -1,329,181

Office of Personnel Management Freeze the Footprint Projects

Project Project Type Description Location: City, State Start Date Projected Start Date Actual Completion Date Projected Completion Date Actual Space Reduction Planned (SF) Space Reduction Actual (SF)
EMDC, Shepherdstown, WV Space Redesign/ Reconfiguration of existing space

Consolidated operations within an existing OPM office, thus maximizing efficiencies and reducing the Agency footprint.

Washington, DC 08/02/13 08/02/13 12/31/14 Pending Reduce Agency footprint by 12,354 usable square feet Pending
WMDC, Aurora & Denver, CO Leased Consolidation

Relocate from commercially leased space in Aurora, Colorado to the Byron Rogers Federal Building in Denver, Colorado. In doing so, redesign space to improve efficiencies and reduce cost and Agency footprint.

Denver, CO 07/26/13 07/26/13 12/15/14 Pending Reduce Agency footprint by 10,910 usable square feet Pending
HRS, Lakewood, CO Space Redesign/ Reconfiguration of existing space

Reduce current footprint by consolidating operations.

Lakewood, CO 12/11/13 12/11/13 04/30/14 04/30/14 Reduce Agency footprint by 14,290 usable square feet 04/30/14