Agency Snapshot: Department of Defense

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the United States.


Department of Defense Freeze the Footprint Baseline

In FY 2015, the Department of Defense’s total office and warehouse square footage was 0 square feet - an actual decrease of 336,243,186 since FY 2013.

Agency FY 2012 SF Baseline FY 2013 Total SF FY 2014 Total SF FY 2015 Total SF SF Change FY2012 Baseline to FY2015
DOD 336,243,186 328,566,841 320,008,040 0 -336,243,186

Department of Defense Freeze the Footprint Projects

Project Project Type Description Location: City, State Start Date Projected Start Date Actual Completion Date Projected Completion Date Actual Space Reduction Planned (SF) Space Reduction Actual (SF)

The Army is constructing a 50,000 SF general purpose storage building (warehouse) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina to replace the Troop Issue Subsistence Activity (TISA) warehouse and offices destroyed by a tornado in April, 2011. The new facility will be a single consolidated location to provide troop issued foodstuffs, food preparation, and service equipment for all Soldier dining and subsistence facilities on Fort Bragg and Camp Mackall. Capable of holding all troop deployment rations to support training, rapid deployment, and ongoing overseas operations, this facility will also provide administrative facilities to the civilian and military personnel responsible for overall management and operation of the food services on Fort Bragg. Planned demolition associated with this project is approximately 78,000 sqft, resulting in a net decrease of 28,000 SF.

Fayetteville, North Carolina 10/01/13 03/22/13 04/01/15 Pending 28,000 Pending

The Navy disposed of the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant by transferring over 680,000 SF of office space in six facilities to entities outside of the federal government.

Dallas, Texas 10/05/11 10/05/11 10/05/12 10/05/12 680,052 680,052

This project brings to a close several years of intense planning, coordination, and construction activities which will result in a consolidation of over 2,200 personnel representing 72 organizations in the newly built William A. Jones III Building, located on Joint Base Andrews. In total, this effort allowed Air Force personnel to vacate 575,000 SF of space and relocate into a right-sized and energy efficient 389,000 SF building.

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland 03/01/14 03/01/14 186,000 Pending