FY 14-15: Agency Priority Goal

Vulnerable People

Priority Goal

Vulnerable People

Vulnerable People: Protect vulnerable populations by increasing the number of investigations and litigation matters concerning child exploitation, human trafficking, and non-compliant sex offenders; and by improving programs to prevent victimization, identify victims, and provide services.

By September 30, 2015, working with federal, state, local, and tribal partners, protect potential victims from abuse and exploitation through three sets of key indicators:

  • Open investigations concerning non-compliant sex offenders (4% over average of FYs 2012, 2013), sexual exploitation of children (3% over average of FYs 2011, 2012, 2013), and human trafficking (2% over FY 2013).
  • Open litigation matters concerning sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking (5% increase over baseline (TBD))
  • Percent of children recovered within 72 hours of issuance of an AMBER alert (90%)
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