FY 14-15: Agency Priority Goal

Transition to Veterans

Priority Goal

Transition to Veterans

With America's involvement in Afghanistan winding down, there is a large influx of returning Service members and veterans transitioning to civilian life. To better support all Service members, DoD transformed its Wounded Warrior Agency Priority Goal from Fiscal Years 2012-2013 to an Agency Priority Goal (APG) focused on Transition to Veterans.  Transition to Veterans is a top DoD priority, and the Department wants to ensure our men and women in uniform are fully equipped for life after their military Service.

To that end, the Department has identified four programmatic goals that best reflect transition to veterans.  These goals include: By September 30, 2015 DoD  will improve the career readiness of Service Members’ transitioning to Veteran status by:  1)  ensuring at least 85% of eligible Service Members complete required transition activities prior to separation: pre-separation counseling, a Department of Labor (DoL) employment workshop, and Veterans Affairs’ benefits briefings; 2) verifying that at least 85% of separating service members meet  newly established Career Readiness Standards prior to separation; 3)  accelerating the transition of recovering Service Members into Veteran status by reducing disability evaluation processing time; and 4)  supporting the seamless transition of recovering Service Members by sharing active recovery plans with the VA.

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