FY 16-17: Agency Priority Goal

Reform the Acquisition Process

Priority Goal

Reform the Acquisition Process

Deliver better value to the taxpayer and warfighter by improving the way DoD does business while achieving dominant capabilities through technical excellence and innovation. 

By September 30, 2017, DoD will improve its acquisition process by ensuring: 1) the median growth in cycle time for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) will not increase by more than 15 percent from the Milestone B baseline; 2) the biennial rate of quantity adjusted unit procurement cost growth for MDAPs will not exceed 6 percent; 3) the annual number of MDAP breaches--significant or critical cost overruns for reasons other than approved changes in quantity--will be zero; 4) the percent of acquisition positions filled with personnel meeting Levels II and III certification requirements will increase from the previous fiscal year; and 5)  the percent of contract obligations that are competitively awarded will increase from 56.9 percent in FY 2013 to 57 percent in FY 2017.  

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